Roll-up Shutter

Al Wakeel motorized rolling shutter cover the exterior of every window and door, providing solar protection and interior blinds, prevent glare and reduce noise levels on the inside at the touch of a button.

When it comes to shutter motors, somfy is the preferred choice by Al Wakeel. Somfy motors are quality products which are approved by Under writters Laboratory, have been installed all over the world for almost three decades within residential, commercial and industrial structures providing comfort, east of operation, economy and elegance,

Somfy Shutter Technology ranges between the classic wired controlled and RTS, radio controlled technology.

Shutter Transmitter frequency for RTS is 433.42 Mhz and exclusively for Somfy under the approval of SASO. The RTS transmitter sends one time code and this code will change upon reaching the receiver end making it impossible for burglar to hack to code even if they are using the state of the art technology. RTS Shutter is activated automatically by a ligth sensor
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